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Fable for Two is a cooperative fable for two players, combining an harmonic gameplay and feel good moments in a marvelous world.

Play with a delightful cooperative gameplay based on smooth passes with the Raven, the link between the duo. Moreover, sing together to activate the Raven's powers through music notes combinations!

Discover and explore the lifeful environments of a faraway forest where live mysterious animal spirits inspired by fables and fairytales.

Experience an adventure shaped around companionship. As Suzu & Hana, the best way to override your duality is to progress with the proudish Raven that needs you to go across the forest.


Fable for Two is a 2-player action-adventure game only playable with controllers (Xbox or PS4). 2 chapters are available to play (designed as the first part of a whole experience).


The game is a graduation project made by students from Supinfogame Rubika and powered by Unreal Engine 4. 

Alexandre Ré - Programmer
Dealan Lipka - Character Artist
Florent Juchniewicz - Lead Game Designer
Pierrick Boyet - Game Design, Musics
Rohit Vedula - 3D & Environment Artist
Tom Kurcz - Producer, Game Designer
Victor Descamps - Technical Art

And many thanks to the externs that helped us: Laurène Savary, Amélie RivièreGeoffrey Boulier and André Rizkallah.


Download on Google Drive


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Marvelous game, very nice visuals and effects, i wish i could played more with my girlfriend

Thank you for making this game for all of us to enjoy. 

Thank you for your message!

Great fun game:

Thank you!

i like the style of the game and the graphic ! awesome 

Many thanks!

the concept can do wonders for gameplay

looks very nice game! i wish i had friend to play with xD

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Thank you! If you ever have the opportunity to play the game don't hesitate to tell us what you thought about it (: